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Monday, 5 December 2011

I read the news, I drop a tear....

As all crisis in this world we will go about our life’s and forget about today and yesterday, we are comfortable in our homes, its Christmas we’re busy. We have family’s and friends, we are ok for now.

As the days go by there will be other crises and they will pass to. We will look the other way, will the crises get solved? Some will and others will not. The ones that will not will just be pushed to the back burner as they always do until some one dies or some one takes notice and cares enough to do some thing again. So Why do we wait until then? lets do it now, why wait until next year or until a child dies or some one freezes to death, we can stop this now. We must stand and take action peacefully, we are the caregivers of this land this is our responsibility as first nation people to keep care of our people our brother and sisters. This is our way of life to respect, honer, share and love all we have and have been given by the creator, please lets start to do just what we need to, we can stand together and be strong, we can, we will, in unity we will and have since the settler had landed here, we have stayed alive and we will continue to thrive, We as the first nation people of this land are sustainable we will go on.

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