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Friday, 9 December 2011

I am from six nation of the grand river

I hear the music the other day of Robbie Robertson whom I have always admired as a man and song writer, he had found his way back home to his roots. I hear the music of this man and it talks to me. We speak in class of was to heal and how to heal, we need to heal. We speak of our past, we speak of our elders, and we know what we must do. We go here to this school The Native Education College in Vancouver we learn, we open our eyes to the true.

I watch the news and see the government that say they will help, they say they are helping? are they. I see they are pointing fingers at each other and at us. At school we are women all in our class we say this is a sign for us to be stronger and stand tall, we are the mothers of the children that well follow or paths we make, we speak of ways to help. Now I look to Robbie Robertson as I sit here and hear his voice, I know he can help, he has the power we haven't inherited as yet, we have the knowledge we have the voices to help the people. our people, First nation people of Canada all of Canada. We are many nations we are the first people of this land. I ask Mr. Robertson to hear what we have to proposed to help our mother earth and her people, if you will do us the honer to hear what we have. To have a song that is of the people, written by the people, for the people. We have the female voice here. We have the words that we would like to share. My name is Glenda L. Hill Sr, I am 49 years young, My class and I that are all female have discussed this in depth and would like to speak with you on the proposal of your help, with all proceeds going where it will be needed the most for our people. We lived in a sustainable nation before the western man arrived, we didn’t need his help then, we do not want his help now. We need to take back what is ours, peacefully and together.

Thank you Glenda L. Hill Sr

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